Where to Begin?

Mar 23, 2017

Do people even read blogs anymore? Regardless, here we are.

Maybe I’ll begin with how my plant addiction began. Almost three years ago, my fiance and I finally moved in together in the best apartment we could afford (at least in our eyes): a 700 square foot studio.

I think I have to give it more credit than that, though. Our apartment building used to be a brewery and is now a luxury, industrial-chic architect’s dream. It has super high ceilings with exposed ductwork and these floor-to-ceiling windows that I’m obsessed with. They’re a little over a hundred years old, and they turn my apartment into a greenhouse. 

It’s amazing. And absolutely perfect for my succulent obsession. 

When we moved in, my first housewarming gift was a jade plant, also known as a money tree. Even though I barely paid attention to it, it thrived on my windowsill. So I read a little about what the heck this plant even was. And then I started seeing succulents everywhere. I think it’s like how they say once you buy a car, you start seeing your car everywhere? Same thing.

But then I learned about propagating, and that was a game changer for me.




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