Get Your Babies to Bloom

Mar 29, 2017

I’ve had a few succulents bloom, and it’s always a bit of a surprise. It’s a surprise, because I wouldn’t say succulents are known for their flowers. They’re famous for being low maintenance and having adorable chubby leaves (sometimes). They’re shy, but when it happens, the blossoms last a pretty long time, so it’s worth giving them a little extra care and attention.


So how can you get your babies to bloom?


I’m lucky that when I’m not home, my apartment turns into a greenhouse. I turn off the AC in the summer, and what started as a cost-saving measure has become my top plant strategy. It’s no secret that succulents enjoy warmer temperatures, so on to my next tip.


I’m not too proud to say that I give my plants Miracle-Gro. I don’t do it year round, just during the spring and summer months. It helps give them the extra energy they need to sprout. The food I use is a foam, so you have to make sure follow up with plenty of water so it doesn’t burn the plants.


Speaking of water, I’d like to clear up a common misconception. Just because your succulents can survive with little water, it doesn’t mean they don’t like a lot of water. I’m not saying you have to drown them. Please don’t. But do water them on a weekly basis. I water mine every Saturday, and they seem to love it. 


East or south-facing windows are perfect for most succulents. If you’re plants are getting leggy reaching for the light, they won’t bloom because they’re already working too hard. Chop those suckers down and give them more light. There, problem solved.




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