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Oct 8, 2017

I’m almost 2 months into living that freelance life, and I think one of the worst aspects is loneliness. Working from home is pretty great, but I miss having the occasional random conversation about current events.

One of the ways I combat this is by listening to a bazillion podcasts all day. Another way I plan to combat it is by blogging. Maybe if I pour random thoughts about freelancing, illustration and design, and maybe some plant lady things, I’ll feel better about sitting alone at my kitchen table everyday.

Also, I’m trying to expand my illustration skills, but I really struggle with confronting a blank page. I can sit down with every intention of drawing for hours, but then I experience some kind of brain block and I give up before I begin. I’m thinking that if I make myself draw something for each blog post, then I’ll get better about practicing and creating. 

And so begins the experiment!




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