But first, coffee.

Oct 12, 2017

The favorite part of my morning is the ritual of making coffee. Yes, I’m trying to avoid a mid-morning caffeine headache, but also I love coffee. And there’s something relaxing about brewing a cup.

There are two ways of making coffee in this household. When we first moved in, we splurged on a Nespresso. The hubby and I are espresso NERDS, and I’ll be honest, the Nespresso makes an amazing shot. And in the realm of espresso machines, the Nespresso is a bargain, but it’s by no means smart spending. In fact, over time, we’ve stopped using it for two reasons. 1. You can only get coffee pods for the machine by ordering online or by visiting your local Bloomingdale’s. And now that I no longer work in DC, I never step foot in a Bloomingdale’s. 2. To get enough coffee for a month, we would usually spend about $50 on pods. Which brings me the next method of coffee making…

Pour over. Also known as quite possibly the cheapest way to make coffee. We have no more room in our studio apartment for appliances, so buying a normal coffee machine was out of the question. I think I found my pour over coffee funnel at World Market for like $4. Sure you can only make one cup at a time, but that’s all I’m ever doing anyway. And so you have to buy a box of coffee filters, once every like 3 months? Big deal. I can buy coffee any time I run out, and I even get to “splurge” on the good $!2 bag.

So hip, right?




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