My Favorite iPad Apps

Nov 27, 2017

My iPad Pro was one of those things that I debated over buying for months and months. It was quite a splurge, but I’m so obsessed with it, that I think it was well worth the money. I spend countless hours on it everyday, which is probably making me blind, but here are my favorite apps so far…

1. Procreate

I do like 75% of my illustration work in Procreate. I begin in my sketchbook, and I put the final polish on everything in Photoshop; however, Procreate is an essential tool for me. Of course, you need the (way overpriced *sorry*) Apple Pencil, so that’s unfortunate. But once you bite the bullet, you can find all kinds of brushes on Creative Market for Procreate, personalizing the app to your needs.

2. Texture

I’m a magazine hoarder, so Texture has been a godsend both for my wallet and my countertops. Plus, I love that you can take screenshots of your favorite pages. Was I the only teenager who saved all her favorite magazine stories in a binder? Anyways… it’s a good source of design inspiration.

3. Headspace

Yup, this is a meditation app. And I’m obsessed for multiple reasons, including 1. the narrator has a British accent, 2. the animations and illustrations are freakin adorable, 3. I’m legitimately more productive if I meditate in the morning. Not sure why yet, but it works.

4. Skillshare

For obvious reasons.

5. Astropad Studio

So I haven’t delved into this one too much yet, but the concept is right up my alley. It basically turns your iPad into a Cintiq. If you don’t know what I’m saying, it connects to your computer, mirroring your screen, letting you use your iPad as a drawing tablet for any software you have. So you can draw in Photoshop, taking full advantage of your Kyle’s Mega Brush Pack. I kinda hate that you have to purchase a subscription, though, which is probably why I don’t use it more.




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