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Feb 2, 2018

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but this website is brand spanking new. I’m excited to start with a clean slate, on a new platform, in my new little corner of the internet. Originally, my blog and portfolio were hosted and built on Squarespace, which was perfectly adequate. More than adequate, actually, but I wanted more flexibility to make my site look how I wanted. And that’s when I discovered Showit. Squarespace has beautiful templates, but it takes a little hacking to turn them into what you want. And even then, it’s rarely exact. Showit also has templates, but they’re a tad expensive, so I just decided to start from scratch.

Showit’s interface was a bit of a learning curve, but because it’s more complicated, it’s capable of a lot more customization than Squarespace. Plus, my blog is now hosted on WordPress, which we all know is the best. The only real pain point for me was designing the mobile version. Squarespace makes everything automatic, so you don’t need to think about making your mobile nav functional, etc. Showit tries to make it automatic, but it was a little janky, so I had to layout everything manually anyway. At the same time, though, I got to dictate exactly how I wanted the mobile navigation to look and what I wanted to hide or show on mobile.

Also, Showit has a private Facebook group for users if you have questions about the platform, so customer service is A+. I know this sounds like I’m an affiliate or something, but I’m definitely not. Just excited to have discovered something new!

So why did I do all this? I wanted my illustration work to have its own home (, but still connected to my blog ( I joined Shanna Skidmore’s Business Blueprint mentoring, which has really been giving me the kick in the pants I needed to turn this into the business I want. More on that later… In the meantime, I have so many plans for this site, so stay tuned…. I also really dug Shanna’s website, and I wanted to steal her layout. (No shame here.) She’s very transparent about the tools she uses in her business, which led me down the rabbit hole of revamping everything I do in my own business. Which is a little overwhelming, not gonna lie.

PS. If you find any bugs or mistakes on my new site, please send me a note! I’m a one-person QA team. 🙂



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