My New Office!

Nov 13, 2018

My big announcement that I teased on Instagram this week is that I finally have my own office! I signed a lease last week on a 3rd-floor, 2-room office in the Mt. Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore City. It’s in a renovated historic mansion that I’m a little worried might be haunted… but it’s beautiful and I’m obsessed.

With my new office, I’m also relaunching this blog. It’s been nearly a year since I’ve written anything here, but with this new life change, I feel like it’s time to get this business train chugging along.

I plan on really decking this office out since it’s a space that is fully, 100% my own. Working out my studio apartment (which I share with my husband) was getting really old, real quick. It only took a year and a half of making my corner of the apartment work until was able to move this business out of my home. Now I can create a routine that doesn’t involve rolling out of bed and into my desk chair.

Right now, my office is a white box. I bought some knick knacks, frames, and a lamp from Home Goods, but I still have to figure out my furniture situation.

Stay tuned as I turn my semi-haunted creative studio into an Instagram-worthy (midcentury modern, maybe?) office.



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