So Fresh, So Clean: My Website Overhaul

Dec 4, 2018


I’m embarking on a holiday campaign called “get myself in front of all my dream clients.” With this campaign, I’ve been working on overhauling my website with the #1 rule in mind that I read in every “how to be an illustrator” book. The rule is to lead with the work that you want to do more of on the front page. Now, me being a designer first and foremost, I have a strong aversion to portfolio sites that are just a long, never ending lazy load gallery of artwork. I fully understand that art directors have limited time to click through prospective illustrators’ websites. However, I can’t help my design sensibilities.

As a compromise to myself, I lead with some of my favorite pieces, but each one functions as a button to lead you deeper down the rabbit hole of my work. I’m crossing my fingers that this does the trick. Once again, I can’t help but sing the praises of Showit when it comes to web design. I believe it was made with photographers in mind, but it’s ideal for portfolios of any kind. You get 100% freedom with the layouts which may be a blessing or a curse, depending on how much time you want to devote to it. I’ll admit it’s not the most user-friendly, but once you figure out what does what, it’s not too bad.

Sidenote, with my shiny new office, I can keep my tripod up to film timelapses like these while I work. So prepare to see a ton more of those in the coming days. Technology is great.



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