a blog about freelancing, style, culture, and plants






a blog about freelancing, style, culture, and plants

  I’m embarking on a holiday campaign called “get myself in front of all my dream clients.” With this campaign, I’ve been working on overhauling my website with the #1 rule in mind that I read in every “how to be an illustrator” book. The rule is to lead with the work that you want […]

I never have been quite sure about who I’m talking to when I put my work out into the world. But I started thinking about the kind of blogs that I like to read and what was missing from them. I love following “lifestyle” bloggers and influencers. I feel inspired by their well-curated lives and […]

My New Office!

Nov 13, 2018

My big announcement that I teased on Instagram this week is that I finally have my own office! I signed a lease last week on a 3rd-floor, 2-room office in the Mt. Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore City. It’s in a renovated historic mansion that I’m a little worried might be haunted… but it’s beautiful and […]

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but this website is brand spanking new. I’m excited to start with a clean slate, on a new platform, in my new little corner of the internet. Originally, my blog and portfolio were hosted and built on Squarespace, which was perfectly adequate. More than adequate, actually, but I wanted more […]

So you probably haven’t noticed since I have like 3 blog readers, but I’ve been MIA lately – from my blog, from my Instagram, from my creative outlets. I keep feeling lately like all I have time for is my paying work, which is frustrating since the whole reason I started out on this journey […]

It’s only been 4 months, but I’ve learned five things that might have been nice to know 4 months ago.

I spend countless hours on my iPad everyday, which is probably making me blind, but here are my favorite apps so far…

One of the first books that really got me going on this entrepreneurial journey was #Girlboss. I devoured that book. I was never a customer of Nasty Gal – the style was a little too out there for my closet, but I love Sophia Amoruso’s story of how she launched her empire.

I can spend hours going down the Skillshare rabbit hole. Honestly, watching other designers’ processes inspires me more than simply scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram. Sometimes, scrolling through those sites actually makes me feel worse.

But first, coffee.

Oct 12, 2017

Yes, I’m trying to avoid a mid-morning caffeine headache, but also I love coffee.